Thursday, July 15, 2010


Whilst listening to Motorama for the first time, I was struck at first by just how familiar everything seemed. I dug the jangle, the melodies, the C86/Ideal Guest House leanings but delving deeper and deeper into Alps, I was overwhelmed with vibes heavy on the wistful side. There's a whimsical beauty apparent in their nostalgic approach. Kinda like looking at old family vacation snaps and zeroing in on the one that was taken accidentally. It's worn, faded, adorned with light leaks but you know it only adds to the charm. However, the real clincher is seeing everyone in the picture unaware, guard down and lost in their ways.

[Motorama MySpace]

[Alps is available for free download here.]


Anonymous said...

ah! thanks
my girlfriend showed me this band ages ago and then we both forgot their name and couldn't find anything. much appreciated

Fruits said...

спасибо, круто!