Friday, July 16, 2010


Pageants - Drink The World

EMA - Mouth Like The Sun

Rene Hell - Club Night Stalker

Spent about 8 hours downloading this new Night People compilation (life sux; F U Virgin Broadband!) but BOY was it worth the wait, full of the usual NP suspects but truely born from Cola Heavy Nights; murky pop syrup coats all the weird mythos of these faked old worlds, creaky and antiquated in that skewed way, even across Pageants' spooked TV/Mantles-y jangles is old summer dread but the inverse trance of Rene Hell with .jpg'd rainforest feelings at the back of their night is more greasy street-dwelling and the just plain fucked sun-awe going through EMA's weird acid awkwardness is ultra explorative.

[Night People Website]

[Pageants MySpace]

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