Monday, July 19, 2010


MP3: The Ancients – Street Funk

This is the latest adorably sunny, naive pop jam from the Ancients. Hooray! They’ve been drip-feeding us cuts from their second album, The Ancients 2, which we think will be released sometime in the future (probably). Not sure what the chronology here is, but this super-sweet (and whiter than white) song has a hint of them loneliness & despair vibezzzz heard previously on frontman Jonathon Michell’s totally amazing one-off solo track from earlier this year, Tone Defeat. Could he have influenced himself?! It seems possible. Also on the album will be the previously blogged The Rambler, which suggests to me the “mood” on The Ancients 2 will be something between early Go-Between and non-rock Yo La Tengo, which obviously rules!

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Excellent jam!

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