Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Cusses - Whatcha Gettin' In

I was in a bit of a "fuck guitarz" kinda mood last Friday, semi-ranting to two of my friends about my current disillusionment with what's out there at the moment. So glad when something like this comes along to stomp on my mouth after making me choke on my own words. Cusses laid waste to my soul a few months ago with some pummelling prettiness off of their Thurst EP. If "Blood Everywhere" was like hugging a pastel switchblade, this is that switchblade being dangled in front of your face as you sit tied to a chair and wonder what's next... Frenzied sweat and a sweet, burning taste permeate through the ballz-out riffs and incensed strut. A real, legit, southern-cooked ruckus.

[Cusses MySpace]

[2nds will be release on August 3rd.]

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