Sunday, July 11, 2010


Cook Classics (Feat. Aloe Blacc) - The Warriors

Cook Classics has been behind some of my absolute fave jams in recent times. He's dished out some incredible work for some of the best out there right now - TiRon, Dom Kennedy, Inverse, Freddie Gibbs and almost every other independent rapper of note. "Better Off Alone" is lifted from his (Pre)Charged mixtape and a solid example of his production style. Building on rhythms tinged in NY grit, the layered keys bring to mind Swizz Beatz and some ever so slight Mannie Fresh-isms, coupled with FlyLo textures and laidback WestCoast sunniness. From Recharged, "The Warriors" sees Aloe Blacc putting in some srs work over a beat that marches hard and true. Also, knowing that the song and lyrics are based primarily one one of the greatest movie speeches evar certainly puts it in the MUST column for anyone into classic cinema. With all that factored in, there's just something primal and "manly" about the way it all hits and I dig that.

[Cook Classics MySpace]

[Buy Recharged from iTunes. (Pre)Charged can be downloaded free here.]

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