Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Outer Limits Recordings - On The Rocks

Outer Limits Recordings - (Secret Track)

Jammed up w/ smog from the L.A. skyline and gross odours from the pavement comes Sam Meringue's new Foxy Baby LP under the Outer Limits Recordings name (also his label), and it's cluttered with that rad FM/boombox glamm all alien and transient. Couldn't stop pumping "Driving At Night" and its muffled end-of-the-night transcendence when Shea posted it earlier this year. "Smoke Opera" is right; "for blazers only" or just perpetual night cruisers, got some fuzzy memories of swimming on a Florida rooftop swimming pool as a 7-yr-old but this one's actually about babes and Berlin clubs.

[Buy Foxy Baby from Not Not Fun]

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