Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Like other wins for Kes' various outfits, this track from the forthcoming Kes Trio album is imbued with a kind of low-key proggy wonder. This latest band is great (who knows what the name changes from Kes to Kes Band to Kes Trio signify, but anyway): this song and others sound like they could twist into Dn’D epics at any second, but they hold it down while still hanging on to that magic vibe. The press release says “Black Brown Green Grey White is a yin-yang dichotomy, juxtaposing contemplative, melodic beauty and inward-gazing ballads with jerky dischord, banshee yells and whirlwind anti-rock riffs” – actually, this is as close to a “stomper” as we've ever heard from Kes and it sounds great, totally propulsive with this amazing singalong quality.

[Kes Trio MySpace]

[Black Brown Green Grey White out September 18 through Mistletone]

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Anonymous said...

not 100% sure, but sounds a lot like a julian patterson tune to me.