Monday, July 26, 2010


AT LAST: Auckland's Surf City, AKA our long-time "surfgaze" dreamcrushes commit to "going steady" with us, "going all the way" etc etc. It's three years since their ultra sweet debut EP won our hearts; since then, they've teased us with a slow stream of magnificent singles (Zombie, Autumn), with no album release date in sight. But now it's in sight! It's going to happen in November, it's called Kudos and that's the artwork up there. And this is the first single from it and... it's great. Rich on melodix and total half-remembered "cool", like the teenage summer you discovered Daydream Nation. This track sounds like it was recorded in some kind of fictional golden yesteryear; all warm tones reverberating off into the ether.

[Surf City MySpace / Facebook]

[Kudos is out November through Fire/Popfrenzy]


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Great stuff. sounds like a happy Band Of Susans ;)

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