Saturday, August 07, 2010


Witch Gardens - I Wanna Get Sick

Witch Gardens - Shelly

Up early in England and got a not-so-anonymous tip off from RQ fav Weed Diamond's (who is up 2 late in the states) Twitter feed which probably means lots of blogz will be digging these Seattle guy's slacker post-punk ANY MINUTE NOW. They like to chill w/ Grass Widow (whose show we're doing in Newcastle in October!) and rep bratty high school feelin's and TV teen romanticism/American cereal sugaryness via scruffy and ever so slightly spooked lo-fi. They've got a tape out on somewhere this Tuesday (fact checkin' cuz? More info shortly!) from which these jams are taken.

[Witch Gardens MySpace]

[Witch Gardens Tumblr]

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