Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just saw this new vid (via Transparent) from our mane man Zak Mering's Greatest Hits project (of which he is half; Tyler Thacker is the other) and it's in obv. suitable holographic style but the song itself spraypaints horrible 90s pop w/ less of the hot pinks of his Raw Thrills project, preferring some defunct Ace Of Base grooves for his weird pop nostalgia. Debut is out on OESB and P.S. we've got Raw Thrills/Greatest Hits doing some megamix live set at our RQ x Friendship Bracelet unofficial CMJ showcase at Bruar Falls on October 19th!

[Greatest Hits MySpace]

[Buy from Olde English Spelling Bee]


Mark Galio said...

This is the worst bullshit I have ever heard. Why the fuck does everyone blog about these shite artists simply because they feature washy reverb and a shot of a surfer in their video?

RICHARD said...

haha! i didn't really notice the surfer to be honest, more into the way it trudges through 90s shit and slaps on a weird groove, it's totally fun mark!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i love this video..marks a hater