Sunday, August 22, 2010


Tqqundo Frrrrr - ^

Tqqundo Frrrrr - Het

Ultra zen from a London guy who played at last weekend's YES WAY fest at which I only saw like 3 bands (I either suck "at" or am really amazing "at" London ie. good at getting distracted by things/fun) which is a bummer as this three day festival was not only held in the genius location of what used to be a automobile showroom (in Peckham, no less) but also featured some of the weirdest thrills and spills of London and England's DIY music. The highlight for me was catching Fair Oh's blast out some colourful Abe Vigoda-style pop riffs but really wish I'd seen the mysterious Tqqundo Frrrrr who is ALL shrines and weird crystal sketches.

[Tqqundo Frrrrr MySpace]

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