Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Man With Feathers - DJ Slugo vs Oneohtrix Point Never

Pretty intrigued by a club genre I'll never get near or properly experience: Footwork, the Unofficial Channel'ed offshoot of Chicago Juke which Wire calls "the 160bpm bastard child of juke" and is pretty interesting in terms of file sharing and where samples are derived from (mostly lifted from YouTube videos and swiped from stream-only sources). This remix of Oneohtrix Point Never and Chicago juker/footworker DJ Slugo is probably a long way from "true school shit" and kind of came about by accident when Adam Parkinson aka Man With Feathers had these obviously disparate two jams going at once, OPN's synths filling out the otherwise spare Juke beats.

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atau said...

friggin' excellent!