Sunday, August 29, 2010


Been doing my best to keep it more chill than usual and lap up that cool out/warm up transitional period between winter and spring at the moment. So instinctively, I'm looking to anything tinged with Dre and Quik funk and slight southern haze. In that regard, I'm super happy that I've stumbled onto the new Tomorrow, Yesterday tape this past week. The slightly off-kilter beat on this one stays fluid however through dreamy synths filling out the spaces with subtle movements and the lax and loose Devin and Mase-esque flows. With beats by The A3 seeped in mid-90s Cali-ness, but with less "G-isms", there's also a certain touch of refinement with a "for the ladies" sentiment expressed throughout.

[Tomorrow, Yesterday MySpace]

[To...From... is available for free download here]

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