Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Pretty amazing turnaround for our boy Geoffrey O'Connor here: he's best-known, of course, as the pop maestro behind indie superstars Crayon Fields, and his last solo album - as Sly Hats - sounded exactly like what you'd expect from the solo project of the Crayon Fields' indie pop maestro. Nothing wrong with that! It was an excellent album. But this is DIFFERENT, and INTERESTING (neither of those are euphemisms): instead of warm, acoustic tones and references to '60s guitar pop, we've got the cool emotional ambiguity of '80s stadium-fillers. It's a totally surprising move, ditching the Zombies for Spandau Ballet, and it surprisingly works: the sombre pace and crystalline guitars sound kind of perfect underneath Geoff's voice. He still can't not be sweetly emotive, but this new sound pallet lends a dreamy melancholy that's tough to get out of your head.

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[Geoffrey O'Connor out 2011 through Chapter Music]

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