Friday, September 03, 2010


C Powers - Chunder 2

Yaaard - I Lit A Candle

Truly way out frequencies on this new split cassette from Yaaard who beams in soft, loner hip-hop/pop and "gameboy vomit" and London by way of Atlanta peace crew C Powers who is shuffling more sinister than the usual Dilla-sized wonk on his side. Yaaard taps into outer space from Bournemouthe where I have been before actually and had an experience that is not far removed from how his zen-based pop sounds wherein I was really hungry following three days "getting buzzed" at a music festival and I went to a park to eat an English breakfast and suddenly in the distance about 35 ladies started to do Tai Chi in a group and an old man was watching it with me, it was really something. Defo buy this tape btw!

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