Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Hey so as mentioned the other day, Zak Mering put together a mix for us and we're now super excited to share it with you! We've been consistently smitten with the ear candy this dude has put out over the past year as part of Greatest Hits, and solo under his Raw Thrills moniker. The mix has everything you'd want and expect from such a pop savant; classic '60s heartaches from The Eyes, Everly Brothers and The Hollies; maximalist disco from 94 East; '80s pop excess from Scritti Politti and Pink Project, not to mention hot unreleased collaborative material from Mering with Sam Mehran (as The Sweethearts) and James Ferraro (as Warp).

Zak sez: "this is a list of music that compels me to create music that helps me catch a glimpse of pop sensationalism that illuminates all the dark corners of my mind", we say: "get on dis already!". Thanks Zak!


1. The Sweethearts - Burnin Through the Night
2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Shades
3. Raw Thrills - La Poupee Qui Fait Non (Michel Polnareff cover)
4. Everly Brothers - Claudette
5. The Eyes - Man With Money
6. The Hollies - I'm Alive
7. Outer Limits Recordings - I'm an Alien
8. Grip Spot - Shark Attack (Surf Punks cover)
9. Pink Project - Der Da Da Da 1982
10. Scritti Politti - Hypnotize
11. 94 East - Just Another Sucker
12. Dâm-Funk - 10 West 2009
13. Martin Rev - Mari
14. Kim Fowley Jr. - Shades
15. Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin
16. Warp - Augmented Reality

P.S. Greatest Hits playin LIVE at our CMJ showcase with Friendship Bracelet, October 19th Bruar Falls, Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

I found this pretty cool music but unrelated this mix.

Jacksun said...

I'm hoping you're being ironic by using Papyrus font for this.

Qualitee mix.