Monday, November 15, 2010


MP3: Mountainhood - Apacotees

Real rustic, down-home vibes on the new single from prolific Cali freak-folker Mountainhood. Prolific’s kind of an understatement, actually: this new record, The Boat-Maker’s Daughter, is his fifteenth since 2006, and despite the fact that his back catalogue includes a record entitled The Dream Continues in 1,000,000 Roads as the Journeyman Slumbers to be Awoken by the Berries of Air and Forest, a Dawn Pre-Imagined and so Owned in Footstep and Deed as Our Lovely Sojourner of Unabysmal Light Sojourns 4th into Willowy and Totally Purple Dawning, Day is Upon r Hero and the Golden Rd. of Infinitudinous Blessedhood (whaaaat) this isn’t any floaty elfin bullshit. There’s a real tactile sense to this jam, like you can almost feel the wood scraping against your hands as Mountainhood bashes it out. The album’s out now on Blackburn Recordings, who’ve previously done records with Big Troubles and Sore Eros; check it!

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