Saturday, November 13, 2010


mp3: Alvin Risk - Someone

Kinda had to jump onto this cat on the back of the Painted Face luv I gave a few days ago. Knowing that Risk plays a part in her sound, I peeped his most recent EP, The Making Of as a jump off point and haven't looked back. Picking up a heavy scent of Boss No. 1 and beachside air feeding into this lusty, late-nite jam. Just watch those platinum accessories shimmer and all that flesh meet under black dancefloor lights. This is effortless with a golden Italo touch.

For all the DC peeps, Alvin will be launching The Making Of EP tonight in yr town with supports from Painted Face (xo) and Brian Billion. Sweat it out.

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Anonymous said...

fools's friendly

Anonymous said...

scion chillwave forever
jk not