Monday, November 08, 2010


mp3: Painted Face - Favorite One

Painted Face is DC-based Allie Alvarado who's recently put out some gloriously-danceable pop tunes I've been sleeping on for awhile. Having cut her teeth in the splendour of lo-fi Brooklyn with tenures in Farewell Forest-era Telepathe and Blood Lines, both of whom had releases on the almighty Social Registry, she headed to DC with the intent to make u move. Collabing with producer Alvin Risk, live instruments gave way to sequencers, synths and astral aesthetics. Lifted from her Undreamt EP, this jam is all laser-ray neon with arms and hair flailing and thrown in strobe-frozen moments. Kinda carnal and kinda serene too with Allie's voice flowing with detached sultriness - a bit like being seduced on the Death Star.

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