Wednesday, November 03, 2010



MP3: Djanimals - Nightshift In Blue

For a young band, Djanimals got form with surprises: first, they cut a track with Mark Ronson which was cool and understated instead of swimming in brass; then there was the deal with Stones Throw Records; now there's Nightshift In Blue, the first single from their forthcoming debut, which sounds a little bit like the Avalanches trying their hand at lounge music. Which is amazing, actually: real relaxed and "cruisy" but gently psychedelic as well; warm and mellow but subtly strange, like if David Lynch curated a Late Night Tales compilation. It kinda kicks along referencing soul and tropicalia and Caribou and right when you think the vibes aren't possibly gonna get better it kicks over into the coda and sends you to plastic luau heaven.

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hc said...

Interesting sound