Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Really excited to present this mix from one of our favourite dudes, Samuel Franklin aka Fluffy Lumbers! I think it's fair to say that all three of us RQers present at CMJ were super blown away by the seemingly encyclopedic knowledge Sam and his bandmates have of lost, forgotten or would-be pop hits (c. 1980s, early 90s), particularly that type of anonymous elevator/telephone hold-music that you only really get to hear for the briefest moment. We had the best time dancing to Sam and Alex (from Big Troubles) DJing all sorts of glossy jams the other week; really great hearing such oddly familiar relics being revived at a Brooklyn bar in 2010. It's not just sax solos and dancefloor bombast on the mix though, oft-overlooked classics from Vacant Lot, Elton John and Neil Young are nicely interwoven with scraps of TV dialogue. Sam sez:

"Here's a bunch of songs I've been enjoying this fall along with some old favorites. Nothing too obscure or difficult/good to leave in the car and drive to. Sorry for any mistakes! Not all of the transitions are perfect! Also, I will PayPal ten dollars to anyone who can place all of the film and television excerpts scattered around. This mix should fit comfortably on an eighty minute compact-disc recordable."

1. "Tannenbaum" by John Simon
2. "Better Off Dead" by Elton John
3. "Stupid Guy" by The Paranoids
4. "Multinationals" by Vacant Lot
5. "Glad He's Dead" by Huns
6. "I'm A Shadow (On The Walls Of The City)" by Michael Minard
7. "The Bride Wore Crimson" by Jim Shepard
8. "Secret Garden" by Michael Phillipps
9. "Bloodline" by Ultra Vivid Scene
10. "The Nightfly" by Donald Fagen
11. "Bigger The Punch I'm Feeling" by China Crisis
12. "You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)" by The Stylistics
13. "Confiance" by The Times
14. "The Fool" by The Hit Parade
15. "Human" by The Human League
16. "A Love Again (Remix)" by Savage
17. "April Moon" by The Brotherhood Of Lizards
18. "Garden Gate World" by Of Montreal
19. "On The Way Home" by Neil Young

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