Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Mix: ZONOTOPE™

MP3: Zonotope™ (aka Jerry Plane) - Gliese 581d Radio Mix (65mb / mediafire)

You know from the get go that this mix from our fav synthetic ambient chiller Zonotope™; some demoroled-out fake DJ introing a spacious psych pop jam before dropping into some slightly pitchshifted hip-hop and lite & smooth lounge/R&B, just the kind of stuff you might accidentally tune into from yr space station in the late 70s (or maybe that's just the "about 2 run out of air" pastoral 60s pop). I think he struggled to get it down from the two plus hours of music he initially had; his "ideal mix" would be "like, every song from that Graffiti record (you know that record? it's this one) in sequential order, but I figured that wasn't appropriate. So anyways, here is a special "earth music" themed transmission from Gliese 581d Radio". Real "earth music" for sure, beamed in:

Psychothartic - House of Nimrod
Definition Of A Dirty - Tha Murda Weapon
Rockin' You Eternally - Leon Ware
Pools of Blue - Barclay James Harvest
Hairbraider - R. Kelly
Moontalk - Tommy Roe
I'm Better Off Without You - The Main Ingredient
Islands in Space - Lightdreams
I Can't Let It Happen To You - The Walker Brothers
9-Trey - ESG (Chopped & Screwed by DJ Screw)
Under Skys - Lazy Smoke
Swangin (feat. Darrien and the S.O.S. Choir) - G-Side
Every Time I Hear That Song - Complex
Dealer - Scott Walker

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