Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Premiere: PVT

MP3: Gotye - Eyes Wide Open (PVT remix)

If there was any doubt how much PVT have the market for noirish, glitchy electronica locked down, that shit is done: their record of earlier this year, Church With No Magic, was bleak & dystopian and totally thrilling in parts, but it's kind of magical to hear how they've transformed this soft-rock ballad from Gotye. The original has a huge chorus with a sunshine-through-the-clouds kind of melody but this remix is skittering, edgy, positively paranoid, and in a really fascinating way. Love the sound of those acoustic drum flurries sitting up against the dubstep-esque production, the sparing use of Gotye's vocals, the complete reimagining of the original's melody. Australia/NZ: you can catch PVT & Gotye at Laneway 2011.

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