Monday, January 03, 2011


(Co-Premiere w/ Altered Zones): We don't have many details of what is yet another new project from increasingly prolific glamour dude Zak Mering (of Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits and The Sweethearts of course) but it looks like he's fresh into 2011 with pal Reuben Perelmen and some new and typically ramped up plastic pop with Vital Caress. This one's somewhere between the perhaps more level-headed songsmithery of recent So-Post album, 50s/60s loverboy vibes of Shakedown and the gunked out aesthetic interests that still saturate all his work. Keep an eye out for future releases in January (aka this month) on new label The Pop Manifesto (also home to Magick Mountain, Typical Girls and Blood Diamonds).

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