Wednesday, February 09, 2011


MP3: Ital - Ital's Theme

So this new dance music of Daniel Martin-Mccormick (of Mi Ami, Sex Worker) isn't actually overly Italo disco but certainly grips some ideas of that and other various European dance musics. Actually I remember back in 2009 at the Mi Ami show I put on in at the ill-fated End Bar in Newcastle upon Tyne, Daniel came back drenched in Persian food smell (surprisingly good spots in Newcastle for that) ready to DJ with a weird bunch of dance records he'd picked up around Europe, real ebullent and big on the "dutch positivity" he mentions at the 100% Silk blog:

"As I sat down with 'Ital's Theme,' trying to imagine what vibe I wanted, a picture formed of a suntanned Fabio god, flowing hair and rippling muscles, shirt unbuttoned more than most would dare, singing his heart out to a beautiful woman. Poolside. I also harkened back to Alden flying over Hawaii, and all the smiles he and I had together over the years. Never got the crooner into the studio, but I could feel all the CBS robots looking over my shoulder as I sat at the kitchen table last January editing this together."

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muebles camobel said...

The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.