Monday, April 18, 2011


  Circle Pit - Slave / Honey by hardlyartrecords

It seems like every month yields a new Circle Pit 7”, and that’s just fine. These new jams from the Sydney duo explore a side of rock n’ roll that’s new for them: up until now, on the slew of 7”s they’ve released as well as their terrific debut LP Bruise Constellations, Circle Pit have dealt mainly in glammy, noisy punk rock, but here they turn up the synths and the reverb and turn down the guitars. Obviously, most bands that make use distortion owe at least something to the Jesus and Mary Chain (and there are a lot of bands like that around right now), but these two songs take from the less currently trendy side of shoegaze/slowcore: they’re tender, aching ballads, and that works better than anyone could have predicted for Circle Pit.

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