Wednesday, April 13, 2011


MIX: Dirty Beaches - City Life Rose Quartz Mixtape (43mb)

We've been fans of Alex Zhang Hungtai's Dirty Beaches for a while now but it hasn't been until Badlands that his low-lit, blues inspired highway rockers and romantic swayers have found such perfect form. I interviewed him recently for an upcoming Altered Zones feature which made me further interested in his listening habits; sure there are the overt Lynch/Jarmusch evocations across his filmic ballads as well as just total Everly Brothers old-fashioned heart, but the Vincent Gallo oddities, Sun Ra cool, Gang Starr attitude and Eno moods that he's put on this mixtape for us inform his work just as much.

Paris 1942 - Berlin Mood
Gang Starr - No Shame In My Game
Sun Ra - The Night Of The Purple Moon
Ted Curson - Quicksand
Vincent Gallo - Fatty and Skinny
Brian Eno - Aragorn
Vincent Gallo- Cracks
OCS - If I Had A Reason
Mrs. Esco Kilgore - The Train Is Off the Track
Michael Nyman - Nadia
Gene Austin - My Blue Heaven

MP3: Dirty Beaches - True Blue



okdk said...

dl link not workin ?!

RICHARD said...

hmm it works for me?? anyone else had a problem?

okdk said...

its okaaay now- maybe it was jus a server problem for a moment .. ;-))) so lets have a listen!

scum said...

Forgot how I found dirty beaches but I recon the musics great, cheers for the post

Anonymous said...

huge thumbs up for the OCS track. no one ever talks about how good john dwyer's early stuff is