Monday, May 16, 2011


MP3: Midnight Television - All Night
MP3: Midnight Television - After Party

Beer On The Rug has new goods from another mysterious solo artist repping a now-familiar lo-fi televisual glitz. This time it's from H-pop enthusiast and Houston citizen Elliott Ashton, who as Midnight Television seems to be gripping any 80s/90s colours that might drip out of his wood-panelled TV set (mostly commercials) and embracing any outmoded capitalist runoff ideals. There's a lot of Matrix Metals loop worship over these short but mesmeric jams plus additional Dave Koz/KWJAZ/general hold-muzak aesthetics and at times a night-ride luxury streak that might fit right into a Chuck Person intervention. Digital release out now with very limited tapes TBA from Beer On The Rug.

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