Monday, July 04, 2011


MP3: Rimar - Higher Ground

MP3: Rimar - Hi

I've just emerged from dissertation-induced isolation and have been scrolling through 1 million unread items on my Google Reader and 20 million unread submissions in my inbox fearing that I've completely "fallen off da wagon" w/ music. Not sure if Rimar is already everyone's fave "new-R&B"(!?) production dude (he should be), but I found this in my inbox from over a month ago and I'm certainly feelin it in a big way. Completely right-on blend of R&B smoothness and synth-funk sensibilties coupled with some dense, steamy production and crisp beats. Grip the full EP here (highly recommended)



Anonymous said...

Bragggin. Who cares how many emails you have? We don't..

shea said...

Oh lol i didnt even think about it like that (bragging) sorry anon u_u'