Friday, August 26, 2011


MP3: Apathy (feat. Scoop DeVille) - Smoke Weed Everyday

I've never been that big on the somewhat brutish and B-movie horror take on hip hop practiced by those in the north east but every now and then, something drops that's pretty undeniable. Hailing from Connecticut, Apathy has been that dude as of late with his latest album Honkey Kong taking me by surprise. However, I wanna shine a light on a track found on the accompanying Primate Mindstate EP. Self-produced by Apathy himself and featuring one of his Get Busy Committee partners in Scoop DeVille, it's a joint (hurr) with a twist. Playing with subtle touches of reverb and delay fx, the dro'd out synths, angelic hook and Nate Dogg's (R.I.P.) immortal words seem to open up that much more, making for a jam that's equal parts weed anthem and super affectionate luv song.

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