Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sleep Threaded Into Ashes - Aaron Martin & Justin Wright by Preservation

"Retro-futuristic" is a description that gets hurled around a bit, but it's rarely accurate - the vein of retro-futurism that it's become popular to draw on in recent years was occasionally funny and light-hearted, but it mostly spoke sincerely to the feeling of uncertainty and paranoia that was so pervasive in the 50s and 60s. This new collaboration between Aaron Martin and Justin Wright, the latest and final release in Preservation's Circa series, understands that. It uses those sounds and textures in a way that's compelling and listenable, but throughout Sleep Threaded Into Ashes there's a lingering sense of doom; an uneasy feeling that lasts from the Forbidden Zone-ish organ intro to the sheets of noise that creep in at the end. Light Poured Out Of Our Bones is out now through Preservation.

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