Monday, September 12, 2011


MP3: Dick Diver - Through The D

It's been aaaaages since we first gripped Dick Diver's Arks Up EP, which was a lil worrying, I guess, since sometimes bands take time off to explore new directions or whatever and these dudes were sounding real good. Not to worry, though: this brand new jam from their debut album New Start Again continues the warm, casual vibe from the earlier EP. There are some terrifically early-00s indie guitars on this track - like Yo La Tengo or the Clientele, maybe - but with this super earthy Australian delivery which is just so endearing. I guess the real reason why Dick Diver took so long to put this record together is because of the intense talent pool going on in this band: bassist Al Montfort's been playing in RQ faves Total Control and Steph Hughes has been playing guitars in Boomgates. New Start Again is out October 14 through Chapter.

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Anonymous said...

Dunedin calling.

thejohndoryreport said...

isn't dick diver the shrink in tender as the night