Monday, November 23, 2009


MP3: Dick Diver – Walk For Room

OMG, listening the shit out of this debut EP from Dick Diver which has FINALLY FUCKING DROPPED (they’ve been together less than a year but evs, it’s the internet and I don’t have to be patient) and it’s a total six song classic. It’s wry and leisurely and masterfully atmospheric; as their promo material likes to point out, it feels “widescreen” (which is more a “vibe thing” than a comparison because it’s an arthouse gem, not a cinematic blockbuster). A few months ago we blogged about Tender Years which is also off this EP and that was all ambling and luxuriant but Walk For Room is the anthem here, a magical concoction of nonchalant NY post-punk & ‘90s indie & a real charmingly naive Australian delivery. There’s a kind of earthiness to the duelling guitars on this track – I’m not sure of the proper guitar terminology but I’m crazy about that subdued, semi-distorted sound Dick Diver have. These bros got called up by Stephen Malkmus to support at his recent Melbourne show, and that’s kind of a perfect reference for their sophisticated down-home vibe.

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Bryant said...

Chalk another one up to the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, as I just heard about Dick Diver from Jens Lekman's best-of '09 list (!) Thank god, because I haven't seen anything about them Stateside -- and they're freaking amazing. "Tender Years" is damn good.

Awesome post. Look forward to continue reading you guys.