Thursday, November 19, 2009


Joe Goddard – Half Time Oranges
mp3 removed at label request

Half Time Oranges is a great evocative name for a song, just not necessarily this one. It feels like the piece of music it’s attached to oughtta be some warm & bouncy folktronica blob, heavy on the found sounds and children laughing and neat acoustic guitar fingerpickin’, but instead founding Hot Chip member Joe Goddard has dropped some all-synthetic and fairly menacing sounds on this track from his solo debut, Harvest Festival. Actually, the whole album’s pretty detached and mechanical which feels weird when bro tries to work in that smooth Hot Chip pop vibe, but when he goes all arcane and fragmented as he does here (and elsewhere on Harvest Festival, such as the excellent Tinned Apricot) it’s thrilling, heavy and ominous and schizophrenic.

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