Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wale - Be Right

Wale did it. Dude first caught my attention quiet awhile ago after he went in hard on "The Kramer" from "The Mixtape About Nothing". A poignant and personal tale on the use of the "N word", it was lauded by hip hop heads and critics alike and made my "Fave songs of '08" (my debut post FYI) on this here blog. Midyear saw another mixtape peppered with more fun pop culture references and was a further taster of what was to come on his debut. Anyway, back to the first sentence and after bumping "Attention Deficit" solidly for the past 2 weeks or so - dude delivered. With production varied as much as the themes explored throughout the record, it's glimpse into the head of someone who could just as easily be a pal. Chix and life, hopes and dreams, drugs and anxiety and oh so much more tackled with aplomb. So much so that the tracks that didn't even make the final cut still have that instant classic feel the rest of the songs possess. A 9th Wonder outtake, "Beast" is multi-layered in it's bounce and shuffle as Wale waxes bout those uncool, golddiggin' types and "Be Right" with it's synths, live percussion and chipmunk soul sample would sound at home on any early 90s New Jack Swing meets hip hop soundtrack.

[Beast via 2dopeboyz]

[Wale MySpace]

[But Attention Deficit from Wale's official site.]

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