Wednesday, October 26, 2011


MP3: Cool Angels - Are U Real

Sounds like Nick Ray aka Speculator's recent tour with Boy Friend was a special one cos this new Cool Angels project is still majorly blissing on roadtrip/friendship feelings; some big hungover staring-out-the-window moments are coming out of these slowed and scruffed 80s tape loops, much like previous Speculator classics like "Seventh Heaven" but way blue-er, especially moments like "Are U Real" where guest vocals from Young Prisms' Stef Hodapp evoke even more dusky haze. Demure is out on tape via Gnar Tapes real soon and another super limited tape is out direct from Nick soon as well.

P.S. Grip Speculator's See A New World mix over at Impose.

via Salad Fork


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