Monday, March 26, 2012



MIX: RQ Mix 006 - Coyote Clean Up

Coyote Clean Up makes a particularly woozy kind of techno – always with something a little sidelong or off-balance about it. Just as much noted for his proliferance as for his Detroit roots, C. J. Sienkiewicz captivates with the ingenuity of his tracks and his ability to straddle the two worlds of post-internet #trendpieces and the Detroit-embeddedness of the city's techno legacy. Fittingly his most recent (& first “proper”) release is on 100% Silk, a label noted here and in other parts for its successful negotiation of a new-new-media post-everything culture with the weight of dance music history.

His 100% Silk tape Frozen Solid is a windswept, murky take on deep house that spans distant and icy piano-house, and seasick higher-energy club transfusions. The mix he's produced for us is predictably sprawling but holds together with a cohesively chilly and isolated vibe. Spanning 4am r&b tracks thru to the clubby heights of UK Funky and back down to smooth Garage grooves, you're gonna want to get across this one.

Frozen Solid is out now on 100% Silk and available digitally from boomkat.

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Terrace : Bundle Into The Murky Portal
Sam Prekop : Old Punch Card
Gil-Scott Heron : Whitey on the Moon
Kristuit Salu : Conceptual Devailhdn
Lovage : Book Of The Month
Evy Jane : Sayso
Samoyed : A Small Good Thing
Gerry Read : Narry
Maayan Nidam : Don't Know Why
Maurice Donovan : Babeh
Move D : Your Personal Healer
L-Vis 1990 : Tonight 
Locked Groove : Rooted
Dopplereffekt : Radiometer
Jam City : Barely A Trak
Kodiak : Spreo Superbus
Lukid: Spitting Bile
Madonna : My Baltimore Angel (Dj Excel Remix)
Groove Chronicles : Stone Cold
Boogie Howser : still don't know what you're dealing with
Loops Haunt : Proton Pack
Nobukazu Takemura : The Lake Of The Winter
GusGus: Why?
Jimmy Edgar : Switch Switch 

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