Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Immaculate Chi-town flavours are on display here. Add-2 has been dabbling in the mixtape scene for awhile now and has just taken his game to stellar levels on the recently released Tale Of Two's City Volume 3: The Rise & Fall. Tracks brimming with honesty and soul, it's as if he's concocted a style by observing some of Chicago's luminaries and channeling them - Kanye's braggadocio, Lupe's youthful outlook, Common's emotional maturity seem to be at play as he relates to us his own personal trials and tribulations. "Let You Go" is an emotional trip. Hypnotic post-Kanye drums shuffle along and play off the touches of chipmunk soul which bounce off the chorus' hook. Lyrically, Add-2 goes the interpersonal route as he muses on the complexity and fickle nature of relationships. It's a perfect blend of vulnerability and stomp which permeates throughout the record. And whether he's riding dusky beats drenched in Ski-esque horns or that gritty boom bap grind, that heart can always be seen firmly affixed to sleeve.

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[Tale Of Two's City Volume 3: The Rise & Fall is presented by and can be downloaded free from Okayplayer/2Dopeboyz.]

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