Thursday, September 03, 2009


Bigger Insides - Big Glasses

Bigger Insides - Never Be Too Worried

Follow Tustin, California's Chris Thorne on his gem quest through some opal dreamlands and mystic realms on these two demos for new solo project Bigger Insides. "Big Glasses" washes over beautifully with a thin bed of synths (totally Hal Hartley Trust-style, thanks for the tip Richard!) and a simple, repetitious key loop, reverbed-out a la Ducktails/Parasails -- the perfect soundtrack for a hypnopompic-shift into warm orange sunny-faced bliss. Thorne then fleshes things out on "Never Be Too Worried" with some wriggly High Places samples and a soft metronomic beat. Can't wait for more swirling pop ambience on the forthcoming debut tape Hunters Gathering.


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[Buy Hunters Gathering soon from Digitalis]

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