Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Big HOLLA to our newest blog bud Pixelhorse for hooking us up with this amazing footage of previously loved Luke Perry tearing it up at Death by Audio in Brooklyn, NYC last week. Playing on a seemingly unreal line-up with James Ferraro, Eric Copeland and Infinity Window, this footage suggests our mysterians totally fit in with their 90210 hypnagogics and catchy cyborg mutations. If you missed it last time around don't miss it again; grab Luke Perry's #1 hit "Avon Lust" here.

[Luke Perry Myspace]


Malte Max said...

Beautiful. It's like they just have a party in their living room some random night, loosing time and completely immersed in the sounds like autistic children, bobbing their long 90's grunge hair and pursing their lips in concentration

shea said...


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