Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dig the opening track from this amazing compilation from Melbourne's Special Award Records. Here's what we can take from these tracks: Young Marble Giants and early Belle & Sebastian are big in the Garden City right now. Not that I want to reduce the sounds here to two (really excellent) influences. I mean, what's going on is subdued introspection and only the feeblest of beats, but really, it's not like the new wave "quietcore" well is dry. Hyperactive riffery is played out, but there's still plenty of interesting things left to be done with lethargy. God, it's fucking GREAT to hear bands playing softly again (don't care how feeble that sounds).

[Fatti Frances MySpace]

I literally wanted to post every song on this Special Award compilation. I had to make a shortlist and put myself through an arduous process of elimination to narrow it down to five (there'll be other posts soon; if you can't be bothered waiting, download the comp). This shimmering slice of narcotic melancholia is from ex-Sir vox/guitarist Elizabeth Downey and takes the narrative of this post from faint beats to zero beats; it's almost certainly what people listened to at midnight before rock and roll was invented.

[The Frightening Lights MySpace]

[Download Swan Vs. Raptor compilation from Special Award Records]

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