Thursday, May 13, 2010


EXCLUSIVE: Direct from the future when they have Las Vegas on the moon, it's the new song from Fabulous Diamonds! Love how 'Track 4' (or 'untitled') is still totally dubbed out but sorta less "druggy" than 7 Songs' jawns. The production is as crisp as an autumnal breeze to the face and you could even describe it as "up" if you had to! Here's what I love: the crisp production (really, it's amazing); the piano plinks trailing off into the void; the mid-section lull; the poker machine payout melody after the mid-section lull that degenerates into atonal stabs of noise before coming back again; the cavernous drumming. Love it. Love Fabulous Diamonds.

[Fabulous Diamonds MySpace]

[Fabulous Diamonds II by Fabulous Diamonds is out June 19 through Chapter]


Kelli Frances Corrado said...

beautiful beautiful

Parallel Pyres said...

So good!

vlarg said...

simply the bestest