Thursday, April 07, 2011


MP3: Umberto - Illegal Entry With Intent To Zuul

Moving on from the '70s horror-doom reverence of his last few releases, Matt Hill of Kansas City's Umberto is taking to the red Corvette and submerging his synth experiments in a milieu that Dee-Dee Bellson would be proud of. "Illegal Entry With Intent To Zuul," a track from his new Freeze! 7" on Not Not Fun, crosses street-lit, Jan Hammer soundtracks with neon-noir territories a la Wang Chung; late-late-night, light-sleeper cop life strategies merge with a slightly cheeseball, Ghostbusters improbability. The Freeze! 7" is out now on Not Not Fun, and is available via Boomkat and Vacation Vinyl. (Co-post w/ Altered Zones).

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