Monday, October 07, 2013

RQ Radio: 09/29/13 - M/M

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Last week on our Newtown Radio show we were joined by Brooklyn's M/M. Tune in for a special edition next Wednesday October 16 at 4-6pm EST, with special guest Sapphire Slows.

Dean Blunt - Stone Island
Visionist - I'm Fine
Huerco S. - Apheleia's Theme
U - I
NY Housing Authority - Apt 3A
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid
Joy O - Sicko Cell
Kelela - Keep It Cool (Prod. Jam City)
Slackk - Silk Robe
Hound Scales - Throated
Gerry Read - U Got No God Damn Groove
Physical Therapy - That Horn Track

Dean Blunt - 8 (M/M edit)
Ulysses Dub
5 (Plum)
Best Available Technology - Keys TDK SA-X100 (M/M scratch & sniff mix)
A2 Select


Cameron McIntosh said...

An interesting mix of songs.

xender said...

Please re-upload it as there seem to be a problem with soundcloud

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