Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Guest Mix: WINDOW

 photo 422824_339496246085581_2058616670_n_zpsd8cfa93d.jpg

Very pleased to be able to premiere this mix from Montreal-based producer Window. While his own productions have existed somewhere between a glistening, post-Fade to Mind tip and early '90s UK rave energies, the Amino Mix skews towards classic house sounds, with a tracklist that includes artists like Inner City, Speedy J and Orbital.

Window - Reuptake
Inner City - Inner City Theme
Luke Slater's 7th Plain - The Needs of the Many
Speedy J - Pepper
Dettinger - Blond 1
Matrixxman - Credentials
Orbital - Chime Crime
Rhythm & Sound - Carrier
Dr. Alex Paterson - Loving You Live
Xamiga - Unknown Universe


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