Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And when you told me that my love was just aesthetic

Wire - The 15th

Remember listening to a song on repeat, over and over and over? Cos I think I forgot how. I lost the lust for music; it's a bit bleak, isn't it? Now all I do is feverishly download and download and sometimes listen, maybe even twice. I've been trying to cure myself of this bad habit. It's no good. Music is for enjoying. It's easy to lose it all in the midst of hundreds of mediocre album's downloaded or taken from pigeon holes.

A heated Gmail chat argument earlier this afternoon with fellow RQ blogger Ella (all the way over there in Spain) saw me getting defensive at the suggestion that "[i] unconsciously position [my]self as the culturally progressive one, 'discovering' an album, listen to it and THEN [my] friends latch on and ram it down [my] throat". Hmpf. I got all uppity. Seems that the previous post could've come across as arrogant or self-rightious; Ella's probably right, but all I was trying to say was that because the primary way I get music is downloading from bittorrents where more often than not the album comes out months before the real release date.

I'm digressing; not that I had a point to begin with. Oh, the point was how great this Wire track is, and how it's impossible to listen to just once, and how I wish there were more songs on my iPod like this. I've been meaning to write in-depth about over-saturating myself with music for a while now on RQ as per these excellent articles on Stylus Magazine (there are loads of them; search 'soulseeking' on Stylus). I read these and I thought how strange (and comforting) that there are other people who download with such ferocity. For now, I'll just revel in all this indie cultural capital that I've downloaded and in how much joy I'm about to get in transcribing my horribly awkward Calvin Johnson interview for the second time. Where did that file go?!

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eliza said...

why o why do you use a quote from a song that you don't refer to in your post?? richard it's so infuriating. now i have frida in my head on repeat... how was brisbanal?