Monday, May 07, 2007

Love extrapolates REM sleep

Sly Hats - Terrified

A few weeks ago in Melbourne there was a movie preview of Michel Gondry's new The Science of Sleep and The Crayon Fields played there, atop a rooftop cinema, what a terrific idea. I cannot imagine how awesome this must have been; this film is very good, a chaotic and insightful romp through sleep and dreams and existence. It was uncanny how such a subjective process (dreams) can be portrayed in such a similar light to my own ideas and my own actual dreams (though unfortunately they're not filled with brilliant props and special effects like Gondry's vision). In the weeks leading up to seeing the film I had been having some extremely fucked up dreams (unusual for me). So I went home and had dreams of my own, the movie made me dream differently than usual. Anyway, music:

Geoff O'Connor's new album under Sly Hats is about night; Liquorice night, to be precise, and it's certainly a dream filled or dream inducing listen. I love it. it's a hazy sleep-filled eyed dawdle through lots of different pop, very loungy, very sweet and twee and lovely. This song sounds like the woods in Winnie the Pooh. What are they called? I don't remember. They are beguiling and getting lost in them I'm sure is most enjoyable.

Liquorice Night
is out on June 2 on Nervous Jerk/Remote Control Records.

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eliza said...

please excuse my renewed obsession with the internet.

the hundred acre woods are the woods you're looking for.

so excited to hear this record. i need it in my life.