Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Campfire Resemblance

Shelby Sifers - Just Inches

Shelby Sifers picks up with Mirah left off a couple of records back on To All We Strech The Open Arm, sounding private and close enough to be yr next door neighbor just past a thin apartment wall. She’s not big on social situations but she still likes boys and donuts and her job, too, whatever her job is, I know Mirah owns a little café of her own to support her otherwise DIY musical leanings but Sifers, well; her café’s just as quaint I’m sure. Her new album Run Around, Run Around varies in production aesthetics throughout but they always gravitate towards the lo-fi but it gives her bedroom recs that authentic edge of personability that is so tried and true but somehow still so essential. I like to hear music from everyone and everywhere. Just because you can make a blog doesn’t mean you should and just because you can make music into yr four-track doesn’t mean you should but I sure am glad that Shelby Sifers does. I can’t help but feel privileged listening to this song; it feels as if everyone everywhere can have this sensation. Oh, dear!


Philippe said...

Mirah owns her own cafe?? Hmm

*starts to think and invest money in coffee*

Anonymous said...

shelby works at a cafe--or did until yesterday.