Saturday, June 30, 2007

Electricity will scribble out yr name

Fog - You Did What You Thought

I hate to blab about or condone the use of drugs but with music writing it doesn’t seem to get written about that much. Why don't any reviews inform of how good a record is if you listen to it when yr really whammed? There’s Lester Bangs but he always seemed like kind of a jerk to me. Pitchfork, smoke more bongs!

You know when your at a friends house (it’s weird how this alone can make you appreciate music differently) and yr hearing a record for the first time and yr smoking a joint and then yr like ‘THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC EVER’? Well, that’s pretty good I reckon. You should probably smoke a duBois and listen to this Fog song because this is perfect for that sort of thing, it’s not that it’s hugely psychedelic or anything (cf. The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips) but bursting with ideas that are very well realized; they progress throughout the song even though at the start yr already like wow only to have yr initial wow overridden by a second WOW when the chorus kicks in and the vocals get all digitally manipulated, the synths woosh then disintegrate behind the words, crumbling, ‘YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID FORRRRR’, the new album that this track is from – Ditherer – may surprise though, Fog’s gone all indie-rock on us but still in their typically skewed way.


Philippe said...

Drugs are bad mmkay


you were so blazed when you wrote this

max said...

richard that is not the proper use of the word 'eschewed' k

plz get better at english

richard said...

turns out i meant 'skewed' oops. maybe drugs are bad