Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I just gave myself a really bad haircut

Bishop Allen - Rain

I woke up this morning and put this on. This is the second song that came on just after I made a cup of coffee and put my jeans on; it fit right into my morning routine but I still said out loud ‘OH YEAH!’ when I realized just how happy this song is. It could be the simplicity of it all that lends itself so perfectly to blurring into my bleary-eyed rainy morning habits. Why aren’t there more bands that make songs as good as Pavement? At least Bishop Allen can craft some that are nearly as endearing; quite a feat considering they’ve been making an EP for every month of the year last year. Maybe the trick is to be prolific because all sorts of stuff comes out of yr mouths and instruments when you just try it out, this ones got a ‘Close To Me’ sort of vibe, bopping along, carefree, yeah yeah. By the way, I only just noticed that the song is called ‘Rain’, it’s just a coincidence, I’m not obsessed with the weather (it’s still wet in Sydney).

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